Concrete Floor Finishes: A Beginner’s Guide

A lot of people believe that concrete is a material that’s only utilized outdoors on walkways and driveways. While concrete is basically found outdoors, it is instantly becoming one of the most in-demand flooring options for indoors as well. Not only because concrete is an eco-friendly flooring material, but it could also do well in every room due to the wide options of concrete floor finishes you can get. You need to choose wisely because the finish can have a great impact on how your flooring will look like. Here is an overview of the options you can consider: 

Acid-based stain 

The acid-based stain has chemicals within it that react with the concrete to make a unique and distinct transparent color on the flooring. This color won’t seem consistent all over the flooring because it’s reacting with the differences in the concrete beneath it. Consequently, acid-based stains make a more rustic and natural look compared to other finishes of a concrete floor.  


Water-based stains 

Choose a water-based stain if you like to have an opaque and consistent color. There are several various colors to select from, hence, you will not have a hard time to look for the perfect tone for your home. The water-based stain is an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners since it is less toxic compared to acid-based stain. 


Polished finish 

This is a perfect option for homeowners who love the concrete’s natural look and do not want to conceal it up with a colored stain. To achieve this finish, you should hire a professional who has the appropriate machinery for floor polishing. A professional can buff down the floors until the concrete becomes shiny and smooth. The flooring will retain its shine and sparkle forever. Meaning, you won’t have to apply any polisher or wax to it in the future.  


Metallic Epoxy 

This is a resin that contains metallic pigments. While the finish is applied, the metallic pigment starts to dispense, twist, and make some subtle patterns on the floor. A metallic epoxy finish in gold, copper, bronze, or silver can make your concrete flooring look more luxurious and more modern.  

Acrylic Sealer 

To add an extra layer of protection, you can apply an acrylic sealer to your concrete floors. Most of the concrete sealers will give off a subtle shine. Although other sealers give a more high-gloss finish. This option is best for homeowners who would like to protect their concrete from water damage. However, it’s not almost as durable compared to other finishes. Hence, always remember this as you select which is the perfect concrete flooring for your home.  


Installing a concrete floor could totally change the inside of your home. If you wish to install a concrete floor yourself, there will be a high possibility that it could go wrong. So, for you to make sure that everything is perfect, you need to hire a professional. Visit Boise Concrete or contact their phone numbers to get further information and receive a free consultation.  



Should You Build Concrete or Steel Buildings?

When building structures, there are at least two options available: tilt-up concrete construction and steel buildings. The better choice between these two is dependent on a lot of factors, but mostly it’s the building size that plays a very crucial role. 

If you’re building a structure that is not more than 50,000 sq. ft. then the better choice is steel building construction. It’s cheaper compared to the tilt-up construction method. The reason for that is because steel offers fixed costs while the other has an open-ended cost.  

But if your project spans more than 50,000 sq. ft. then that’s when tilt-up construction is better. The pricing then shifts, making tilt-up construction offering fixed costs. It becomes more competitive to the price of metal buildings  

How Costs are Determined  

As a rule of thumb, the cost of building a structure using the steel construction kit is usually lower than that of building using concrete, more so if it’s following the tilt-up construction method. The costs vary greatly according to a lot of factors, more particularly when it comes to the design costs. Other costs to consider are the permits and taxes, as well as the erection, foundation, and assembly costs. There are also costs related to environmental controls, plumbing, electrical wiring, interior finishing, and ductwork. 

The project location is also a factor when it comes to costing, mainly due to code restrictionsLightly populated areas aren’t as strictly controlled as densely populated ones. There are many places where steel buildings are highly regulated due to issues of safety, more particularly fire.  

Steel isn’t combustible but isn’t fireproof either as it gets distorted when heated at high temperatures. To counter that, building designers tend to use different technologies, such as sprays and fire-retardants to address the problem. These issues are not evident with tilt-up and concrete construction.   

Durability Factor 

Steel is rather durable but concrete requires less upkeep. These factors have to be seriously considered as well when building structures. Concrete requires less maintenance simply because it is not prone to rotting, corrosion, insect infestation, and rust. That’s also why it is the material of choice for earthquake-prone areas.   

How the building is used is a factor to consider as well. If you intend to build a warehouse, workshop, storage area, aircraft hangers, and sports facilities, steel buildings are the best choice. However, if the building that you want to construct is going to receive a lot of traffic both the people and vehicles, concrete is the material of choice.   

Starting with the Construction 

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to construction simply because you want to get the most out of your investment. While it is also true that the price comparison isn’t that too different, the longevity of the structure is the most important thing.   

If you’re building structures, do hire the most reputable construction companies near you. If you need Fishers concrete repairs, there are specialized service providers in your midst as well. Be sure that you’re backed up by the best people to get the best possible results.